Diamond Reef Pools is a proud Barrier Reef Pools LLC dealer located in St George Utah. Barrier Reef Pools is a premier fiberglass pool and spa manufacturer. Their many fiberglass pool styles are presented below. Most of the styles come in multiple sizes.  If you click on any of the fiberglass shell images a page with greater detail will open showing what sizes are available as well as one or more representative pictures. There are many accessories that can be designed into your Dream Pool, such as waterfalls, rock grottos, lighted sprays and fountains, raised spas that flow into the pool. Diamond Reef Pools has equipment packages that include saltwater systems, automated values, heaters, multiple pump/filter combinations, even an option to control your entire setup remotely from your smartphone.

Diamond Reef Pools is proud to sell and install these quality Barrier Reef fiberglass pools. We are grateful to our customers who have allowed us the opportunity to install one of these swimming pools and help create the backyard of their dreams. As a quality pool contractor we want to meet with you to discuss your backyard dreams. Once you have browsed through the pools go to the Contact link to schedule your Free consultation. We believe you will be surprised by the affordability of a quality Barrier Reef swimming pool installed by Diamond Reef Pools. 

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